Exhibition at SEA LIFE Scheveningen about offshore wind energy and marine life in the North Sea

From April 24, SEA LIFE, together with Vattenfall and its partners, will open an interactive exhibition “Power of Nature” in the Scheveningen aquarium. Here you will learn more about the Hollandse Kust Zuid wind farm, which is located off the Dutch coast and can be seen from the Boulevard on nice days. The “Experience Hollandse Kust Zuid”, suitable for the whole family, combines fun facts with things to do. Together with the characters Millie (technician) and Windston (marine ecologist) you dive into a sustainable future. In this exhibition you will learn about underwater life in the North Sea, the construction of a wind farm, the role played by the various partners and the research being done to strengthen the ecology.

Wind farm Hollandse Kust Zuid opened last year. It consists of 139 wind turbines. Each wind turbine has blades of 97 meters and a tip height of 225 meters above sea level. With its electricity production we can provide more than 1.5 million Dutch households with sustainable energy for a year.

We are aware that the wind farms also have an impact on the North Sea. During the construction of the wind farm, we take measures to minimize disruption to marine life as much as possible. In addition, the turbines are equipped in such a way that once they are in place, they can actually benefit marine life. For example, extra large holes have been made in the turbine below the sea surface. These provide shelter for fish and crabs. In addition, artificial reefs have been placed to which fish, crabs and crustaceans can more easily attach and thus contribute to greater biodiversity. The reefs are used as shelter and feeding grounds; the structure of the reefs provides shelter and protection from predators.

See it with your own eyes?

Would you like to know more about wind farms and the nature of the North Sea? Then go to SEA LIFE Scheveningen. Discover the surprising underwater world and come face to face with sharks, jellyfish, seahorses, rays and many more fun sea animals. The SEA LIFE aquarium is covered, so it is also an ideal outing in bad weather. As a Vattenfall customer, with our Exclusive offer you can book 2 tickets for the price of 1. You can also win 4 free tickets.

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